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About Us

The story of Dhola and Maru is well-known in western India. Dhola (A young Warrior) had two wives in two towns on either side of the Thar Parkar, the great India desert. We are inspired by this great Rajasthani Love story. We introduce ourselves as "Rajasthan Dhola Maru", a premier travel company in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Dhola Maru offers you complete travel related services under one roof - be it hotel reservations, airlines bookings, taxi services, guide services, camel safari, jeep safari, village safari and or any travel related services you name; we have them and that too at very competitive price.

We specialize in adventure tourism - Village safari, Camel Safari, Horse Safari & Elephant safari. Wildlife Tourism & Tours for fairs & festivals. So come and visit India through us; and see the difference!

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