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Rajasthani Wedding Tour

In recent years, there have been increasing cases of visitors coming back to Rajasthan to get married. Nowhere else is a marriage as likely to be more romantic or majestic. It is an occasion when the bride and groom truly think themselves royal. However, even attending a marriage as a guest is a special occasion. Of course, in Rajasthan, marriage dates are set according to planetary considerations, and auspicious dates are usually between May-July and November-February.

Udaipur- the city of romance and inherent charm houses many magnificent palaces and historic venues for once-in-a-lifetime 'Royal Wedding'. A dream wedding, wherein a traditional welcome is given to every guest in a royal manner befitting kings and queens, where a red carpet is laid out for you in such a grand manner that it would become a dream fulfilled.

Should a visitor have the occasion to attend a wedding, it is a chance that should not be lightly discarded. The wedding takes place at the bride’s house to which the bridegroom comes accompanied with a large barat or procession. This happens even when the bride and groom are from separate towns, which is usually the case since the marriage are ‘arranged’. The groom rides to his bride’s house astride a white mare, and in the regalia of a prince, complete with sword. While the marriage rituals are conducted in the house, the bridegroom’s procession is entertainment and dinner. The bride’s family is responsible for the hospitality, and to ensure it is not lacking, they take great effort to look after their guests.


Mehfils are an integral part of every Rajasthani wedding. It is usually held in the evenings, they are again segregated into the 'ladies mehfil' and the 'gents mehfil'. At the ladies' mehfil, all the women gather at a central place in an enclosed courtyard or hall.

In dazzling dresses, they perform the ghoomar (a special dance done in a group). The bride at the mehfil is given an important position to sit and watch the proceedings. If the ladies' mehfil is in progress at the groom's house, then only the groom is privileged to attend the all-women affair. Of course, the men have their own mehfil, where singers perform and these are strictly all male parties.

The night of the wedding
The morning before the memorable evening is filled with preparations for the royal wedding in Udaipur. In the early evening gentlemen gather in the Durbar Hall for tying safas (traditional headgear of the long tie-and-dye scarves). The ladies are assisted by our staff with their attire and designer-wear. All the guests assemble at Shiv Pole at Shiv Nivas Palace, or Fatheh Pole at Fatheh Prakash Palce, where a welcome drink is served. A royal procession begins to form and the excitement grows dressed in Rajasthani attire sprinkling rose petals and attar (rose water) in the front, followed by Dhol/Nagada (traditional drums used for all the auspicious occasions).

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